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Monday, 7 July 2008

Are you the next great British Designer?

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Calling All Designers....
Do you think you can design the next 'must have' product?

A fantastic design opportunity has just come to my attention. Pure Design was contacted by the BBC recently in their search for the next great British Designer.

This competition is open to all designers, from any walk of life. We would of course love it to be an eco-designer, and so wanted to let you, our readers know about this fantastic opportunity.

"Ten aspiring designers with the talent, drive and vision to create the next 'must have' products of the 21st century will be given the unique opportunity to learn and work alongside Starck and his team over a period of several months. At the end of it, one person will continue on for a six-month placement."

Applications must be made by 22nd August,
click here to read more about the competition or to apply.

If you aren't a designer yourself but have a friend or colleague who is - email this post to them so they don't miss out. Click on the 'envelope' icon below to forward the post.Tweet the Post

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