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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Sans automobile - what' a girl avec bump et toddler to do in Weybridge?

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Morning Lovelies!

Here I sit, a slightly overcast Wednesday morning in Weybridge contemplating activities for the day ahead, albeit without my trusty automobile. My lovely husband wanted to get an early start so rather than train it to work, he has opted for my wheels instead.

He did at least remember to take the buggy out the boot bless him, so we have some wheels available to us. Being 7 months pregnant now, with a toddler in the 91st percentile for weight (she's gorgeous, just a solidly built half dutch girly), I am a little daunted by getting about without my car but always up for a challenge. So what is a girl to do in Weybridge sans wheels avec bump et la bebe?

First off is the journey into and back from town... Its a good 30 min walk into town from our abode, which I have done several times but mainly in my first trimester. I'm now feeling the bump, the breathlessness, and the Braxton Hicks, so a little apprehensive about how far I'll get. I am sure I have seen bus stops along the way, so I'm thinking I could always hop on a bus home (that's the uphill bit!). Although I shall have to raid the piggy bank for bus change. Last time I went on the bus I remember being shocked by the sack of silver change required to get me from A to B, surely a taxi is the same price???

So, on the basis, I make it into to town what awaits me there? Well i can always get a FREE Latte from Starbucks today with my name on it - courtesy of their 14th March 'we are personalising your coffee from now on' campaign. Quick, run, get yours now!

So far my googling has turned up a mums and bumps NCT group meeting this morning above Weybridge library (every weds morning 10-12) - which I'm thinking could be a very good place to meet some local mums.... Alas, most of my mummy friends from first baby have all gone back to work - sigh. None of this stay-at-home malarkey it seems. I thought there were supposed to be more of us modern homemakers - where art thou?

Mums and bumps could also tie in very well with my plan to get some enlightening books on how to introduce a new sibling to the family. Having cuddled some friends tiny babes recently in view of my own 15 month old - I realise she isn't best pleased with mummy's affections being lavished on another tiny human being. Hmmm. Any tips from second time mums on introducing a new baby to the family are most welcome.

We of course have the compulsory visit to Waitrose planned to pick up yet more milk and something yummy for dinner, and I will be swinging past the various charity shops to see what they have for my growing girl. It's only been a few months since the last clothes outlay and legs and arms are already protruding. I guess its the feeding that does it.

And you know what, I think I might just stop there, seems like plenty to be getting on with for the morning. Although Space NK might be worth a visit. They have such lovely stuff and I think the bump is telepathically telling me to buy myself something indulgent for Mother's Day this Sunday.

And most importantly, I need to get home for that afternoon nap I am soooooooooo going to be having!

Wish me luck!

Check out this link for more info on what's on for mums and babes in Weybridge... All About WeybridgeTweet the Post