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Thursday, 5 June 2008

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Visiting Pulse in London on Monday we came across some fabulous eco-designers amongst the Launchpad section of the show.

Launchpad is an area hosting new design talent, with support from various associations including Cockpit Arts, Hidden Art, New Designers, Craft Central, Design Factory, Arts Council, Crafts Council, Design Gap, Princes Trust and Design Nation. Launchpad is endorsed by Liberty.

We loved Jericho Hands’ industrial style lighting designs. On display was a six foot plus high chandelier that started life as a more humble blacksmith's bellows , and antique tea chests, which had been converted into glowing spiral lanterns. Designer and Director of Jericho hands, Alex Randall is led by the unique antique objects she finds, breathing new light and life into these unusual objects. Having received the ‘Most Promising Newcomer’ award at Pulse in 2007, Jericho Hands have been engaged with lighting design projects for several high profile venues. In Cheapside for Ted Baker JH created a flock of pigeons each carrying a bulb in their beak or toes.

We also met Becky Oldfield, of Lost and Found, whose vintage en-sign cushions and silk union jack print cushions caught our eye. Embellished with vintage naval buttons, the cushions were stylish, fun and wonderfully finished. ‘The devil is in the detail’ Lost and Found is keen to emphasise the heritage of the materials used and the processes by which they are revived as well as celebrating the finished works themselves.

Anther favourite of ours was Ruth Cross’s collection of chunky knitted textiles that are ethical, natural, handmade and British. Her knitted designs on show included a fabulous chunky knit cardigan. There were also accessories for you and your home; including charming hot water bottle covers (that had a little pocket on one side for some fragrant dried lavender – mmm!), scarves and cushions. Ruth uses British reared Alpaca and Blueface Leicester fleece which are spun together (using 75% energy from a water wheel) forming a luxuriously soft yarn. They also use woven organic cotton, locally grown organic lavender and buttons hand covered from discarded stag antlers.

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