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Wednesday, 18 June 2008

'Dialogues of Wind & Bamboo' Saturday 21st June, Edinburgh...

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If you live in Edinburgh and have yet to make your cultural plans for this weekend, get along to the Royal Botanical Gardens on Saturday evening. Alongside the Scottish Arts Council, Royal Botanical Gardens and China Now; Pure Design are proud sponsors of this cultural arts project, and the work of eco designer Susiemaroon - who is one of several artists engaged in the project.

A little bit about
Dialogues of Wind and Bamboo....
This is the story of a journey exploring themes inspired by the connection between plants and people. For Kimho Ip, a composer and musician from Hong Kong working in Edinburgh, wind symbolises change while bamboo represents traditional Chinese culture but it also stands for constant renewal.

In the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh on June 21, Midsummer night, the audience will be invited to join the journey, following different artists as they explore themes of change and continuity through music, art, dance and song. Click here for full details about the performance.

Susie Brown (Susiemaroon) is the designer of Natural Progression, a bamboo sculptural installation for Dialogues of Wind and Bamboo which forms a stage for dancers and musicians on 21 June.

Susie has been writing about the project on her website. Here's a little extract of her latest musings...

"It all began when I arranged delivery of the three hundred, four meter long bamboo poles on Tuesday. Unfortunately my studio is situated in an old building which boasts an alarming amount of fire doors, corners and stairs so Natural Progression is being constructed in the shared drying green out the back of my little flat. To the great distress of my neighbour Audrey, I will be dipping (the bamboo that is) and sawing for the next three weeks."Tweet the Post

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ONNO said...

Sounds like an incredible event. Wish I could be there to see it.

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