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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Meet our Friends: Delectable Natural Bodycare From GreenOreNatural

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GreenOreNatural’s body care is natural, SLS and paraben free. Their range of Sow Tomorrow soaps are beautifully packaged in fully biodegradable seed paper. And because Suzanna and Kevin developed GreenOreNatural to change their own health for the better, they are convinced you will feel the benefit of their all natural body care too.

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GreenOreNatural is a home-grown business, established in 2006 with eco entrepreneurs Kevin Moseley and Suzanna Miles at its heart. Like many entrepreneurial start-ups GreenOreNaturals came about because of a problem Suazanna was facing and that she couldn’t find an existing solution to. In 2005 she was diagnosed with ME. Suzanna was determined to do what she could to maintain her health and support her immune system. She was advised to reduce the levels of toxins in her diet as the less ‘invaders’ your body has to fight off, the more energy it will have to support the rest of your body to function in a healthy way. Not only did she take stock of her diet, eliminating obvious toxins such as alcohol and caffeine, Suzanna also looked at hidden toxins that might be harming her body by stealth, such as chemicals found in everyday body care products like shampoo. It is quite shocking just how much we absorb through our skins and how little thought most of us give to the chemicals in the pots and potions on our dressers. Our skins are permeable; think about how nicotine or hormone patches work, and how quickly chemicals are absorbed into our bloodstream. Yikes!

When Suzanna struggled to find truly natural products free from toxins, she and Kevin (her partner and a qualified pharmacist) decided that they weren’t prepared to compromise Suzanna’s health. And so created a range of new and natural soaps, lotions and scents that were all natural and they could trust and GreeOreNaturals was born.

The GreenOreNatural collection….

Sow Tomorrow – naturally scented soaps and plantable packaging

These naturally scented organic soaps are SLS and paraben free. The inner wrapper of Sow Tomorrow soaps is designed to be planted after use by following the planting instructions on the outer sleeve. A percentage of profits go to one of the following charities, The World Land Trust, Tusk, Send a Cow, Acorn & Bath Cats & Dogs Home.

And if you are new to organic skin care like I was you are probably wondering what exactly is so bad about parabens and SLS…

Here’s the science bit….
Synthetic parabens can be found in everyday products around the home, toothpaste, shampoo, body lotions etc and they are used as additives to add colour or flavour or as a preservative to reduce spoilage. Although parabens have been used for many years, of late they have fallen under greater scrutiny and have been linked to damaging health effects such as premature ageing of the skin, increasing oestrogen which affects female and male reproductive organs and most frightening the possible increase risk of breast cancer. SLS (Sodium Laryl Sulphate) is a detergent that started it’s career as an industrial degreasant and garage floor cleaner. Yikes again!

Organic First
Wherever possible, GreenOreNaturals source organically certified raw ingredients for every product they manufacture. Where this is not possible they select high quality, wild harvested, fair trade and/or local ingredients instead. They do not use SLS or Parabens in their skincare and soaps and generally what's good for you is good for the planet.

GreenOreNaturals’ only use preservatives that are accepted in organic standards. To ensure their products are as natural as they can make them, they use the absolute minimum preservative that would be effective. Suzanna told us “there are a number of products out there that claim to be totally natural but when you check the labeling it isn’t totally clear which and how much preservative is being used. We make sure our labels are clear and easily understandable, so our customers can be certain of what they are using.”

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