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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

How to become a fashionista without spending a penny!

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Untitled by Keren B.

This fantastical 'set' of clothing and accessories has been created by Keren B online at Polyvore. This is a great American site where you can choose from the range of amazing pieces of fashion and accessories already on the site, or link into some of your favourites (as long as they are out there in cyberspace). And the best bit is there is no limit on your creativity, fiscal or otherwise!

We were flattered to see that a range of Pure Design products have been selected and featured in people's dream outfits - including Esther B's vintage lace handbag in Keren B's creation - no relation as far as we know!

What better way to parade your sense of style - and it is certainly kinder on the wallet and your carbon footprint. Go on, have a dabble... and don't forget if you ever want to make your dreams a reality visit Pure Design boutique we have some great goodies for you.
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Rob said...

Great ideas! especially now which i have to cut back alot on my expenses of garments. Anyway, i found a website that contains heaps of information about the environment. Here’s the link: Hope you guys enjoy it!

John Smith said...

I've been reading up on your blog for the past week and I really enjoy. I recently came accross bSaves and thought you might be interested. I was thinking that it's a pretty cool energy saving concept.