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Monday, 8 September 2008

EaKo fire-hose range now @ Pure Design; eco accessories for men and women

Tweet this Post EaKo is a fantastic design company that has a knack for converting unloved, discarded and down-right dirty waste – into highly desirable and durable pieces of design. Their love affair with fire hose is a great case in point.

EaKo say “The instant we met the London Fire Brigade we fell in love with their old hose. Although we started in London, EaKo now collects hose across the UK and in order to thank Britain’s Brigades, 50% of our profits go back to the Fire Fighters Charity. We scrub away all the soot, grease, and everything else that builds up after 25 years of active duty, and in the process reveal a truly remarkable, truly green textile.”

Watch a short clip featuring Kresse Wesling; social entrepreneur and founder of EaKo by clicking here.

Their designs are now available from Pure Design online, and include the 'slider' a great casual belt - which originally came to fame at the Live Earth concert. Other designs include 'round and round', 'fire and eyes' and 'big yellow'. And because the belts are made from incredibly durable fire-hose, they looked great for ages. Belts come in a range of sizes and the different styles to suit women and men.

In addition to their belt range, EaKo have designed a range of bags including a stylish and waterproof travel bag and a card holder (girls – these are brilliant Xmas presents for the guys), a Tote bag (a great Xmas pressie for the girls) and a unisex Messenger bag.

All of these items and more belts are available from our online gallery, click here to view all EaKo products in store.

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