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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Pure Design launches - May 2008!

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Why not treat yourself to some purely divine design whilst single-handedly saving the planet, and all without having to remove your slippers…

Virtually on your doorstep, Pure Design, a new online eco-design gallery opens this month and offers discerning shoppers a selection of designer home ware, sculpture and accessories that will have you asking, ‘how can something so sinfully stylish, be so very good?’.

Forget the eco-warrior cliché - this chic new gallery represents award-winning designers and artists, and showcases the very best of UK sustainable contemporary craft. Sumptuous silk upholstered cushions, organic calico and lace placemats, and digitally embroidered floor hides are just a few of the new arrivals in the gallery shop. There is definitely no compromise on style here. And if you can’t believe it - go online and have a look for yourself Pure Design are not alone in the growing market of eco-goods, but they are one of the very few that offer top-of-the-range artwork that would be perfectly at home in a London Gallery. Elaine, Director of Pure Design, meets and recruits many of the designers at trade fairs and gallery exhibitions, and with several years in the business she knows where to look to find those hidden gems. Pure Design regularly features the work of new designers and so it is always worth a quick peek at the website to see new arrivals.

In addition to the gallery shop, Pure Design also manage commissions for private and commercial customers, ranging from garden furniture or show-stopping chandeliers for private spaces, to upholstery and artwork for restaurants and hotels.

Edinburgh based eco-design brand Susiemaroon is just one of Pure Design’s latest signings. Susie Brown, designer and founder of Susiemaroon, creates a range of fabulous items for you and your home. Our favourites include Susie’s Reel Lamps that are made from industrial reels salvaged from a derelict mill outside of Edinburgh, and her distinctly Scottish organic calico cushions digitally embroidered with her unique motifs.

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